About Hilldale Dental

Looking for a better dentist office in Madison? Hilldale Dentistry is centrally lAbout Hilldale Dentalocated in Madison’s exciting Hilldale Shopping area, easy to reach by foot or bike, with a nearby bus stop and plenty of parking. This area—packed with boutiques, specialty shops, bistros, and cozy nightlife diversions—feels anything but cookie-cutter. It’s a fitting place for our unique dental practice. We, too, are different.

You’ll notice the Hilldale Dentistry difference from start to finish. During your time with the hygienist or dentist, recline in one of our heated massage dentistry chairs. On your way out, grab one of our fresh-baked cookies from the cookie case, or a cuppa joe from our coffee station. In between, enjoy pillows, warmed neck wraps, blankets, and free Wi-Fi. Want to watch TV while you’re in the chair? We offer that, too. Select your own station, slip on some shades, and relax. The dentist can even provide you with medication to reduce anxiety, if you so choose. Here, you’ll know that your comfort is our priority, right up there with providing exceptional dental care.

Our dentist, Dr. Fred J. Jaeger, mixes a gentle touch with the most advanced technology, for quick and effective treatment and recovery. He is the son of a dentist and is a graduate of Notre Dame and the Marquette University School of Dentistry. From the front desk to the back offices, he has filled his practice with people who are as caring, well-trained, and skilled as they come. We don’t just create great smiles. We greet you with them, too. Come see us today and discover a dentist and dentistry team who go the extra mile for you!