Comfortable Dentistry

Your comfort plays a major role in your dental care experience. For that reason, Dr. Jaeger and his team have designed Hilldale Dental to offer the most comfortable dental care available. Dr. Jaeger mixes his gentle touch comfortable dentistry with the most advanced technology to provide high quality dental care with fast treatment and recovery times. He also makes sure that you understand your oral health needs so that you can make the right decision about your care for yourself.

  • Massage & Heated Dental Chair
  • Easy Access – No Steps
  • Select Your Own TV Station

If you are anxious about visiting, Dr. Jaeger provides many avenues to reduce your anxiety and help you receive the dental care you need. Here, you may receive medicines to reduce anxiety, as well as a relaxed office environment to put you at ease. You may want a pillow or blanket while you sit in our comfortable treatment chairs. You can even expect some refreshment, and perhaps even a cookie or other treat, just to give you a little extra reason to smile!