Dental Implant: What it is and Why You Would Need One

Dental Implant - What is it?Have you ever worried about losing a tooth? It’s probably not a fun thing to think about, but it’s important to know. The best option for replacing your tooth may be a dental implant.

And from the dental implant cost to the dental implant procedure, Hilldale Dental has the expertise to take you through the entire process.

You’ve lost or broken a tooth. Now what?

Many years ago, if you wanted to replace a lost or broken tooth, your options were limited. You could have a fixed bridge, which relies on neighboring, healthy teeth as anchors. However, a fixed bridge may need to be replaced several times, and can often impact your healthy teeth, later. You could also choose removable dentures. But, dentures may make clicking sounds as you speak, or even slip in your mouth.

Today, there’s a third option – you can decide to have a dental implant procedure. The dental implant is an artificial tooth made of titanium metal, and once surgically fused to your jawbone, serves as a solid, durable root for your missing tooth. This is the choice considered a great long-term option if you are faced with replacing a tooth.

You’ve decided on a dental implant. Are there more advantages?

  • Your dental implant will look good. An implant is superior to bridges or dentures because it looks like a real tooth, and won’t slide around in your mouth. You may even forget you lost a tooth.
  • Your dental implant won’t impact your other teeth. An implant doesn’t need to be anchored to neighboring teeth, which helps with the overall health of your teeth and your mouth.
  • Your dental implant may help with your confidence. There can be something embarrassing about the noise or slippage of dentures. But with an implant, you know it is firmly in place. And since the implant looks like a real tooth, no one will know you’ve lost or broken a tooth.
  • Your dental implant may last a life time. You won’t have to worry about replacing your implant, like you would with a bridge. And you can’t misplace an implant because it stays in your mouth, unlike dentures.
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