Mouth Guards

Mouth guards play a significant role in the oral health of anyone who plays contact sports. Without proper protection, teeth are more prone to the types of injuries commonly seen with sports, including cracking, displacement, and total tooth loss.

Why a custom mouth guard?
Studies show that professional custom mouth guards not only offer superior defense against dental injuries but also reduce the incidence of concussion in contact sports.

Why a Hilldale Dental custom mouth guard?
We create custom mouth guards that are comfortable. The wearer can speak clearly, and they do not cough or gag.  In fact, our mouth guards are thicker than your store bought mouth guards, so they provide greater protection to the teeth. They also last longer because they are more durable material.

Added options for your mouth guard
We can make your custom mouth guard with or without an attached strap, and we offer them in a variety of colors.

According to the American Dental Association, between 10 and 20 percent of all sports-related injuries are maxillofacial injuries. Come see us and learn how quick and painless it is to get a custom mouth guard. This is a vital piece of equipment for many athletes, and a key to great oral health!