Restorative Dentistry

If injury, decay or disease has left you with damaged form or function, advanced restorative dentistry can renew your smile and give you back your health. You don’t need to live with pain or discomfort. Let Dr. Jaeger assess your condition and explain your treatment options to you, and get you on the path toward recovery.


Porcelain crowns are utilized when damage or disease to a tooth is such that it cannot hold a filling. They can also give your smile a whiter, healthier appearance. Dr. Jaeger will prepare your tooth, which will act as the underlying structure for your porcelain crown. He selects the appropriate shape and shade of the crown and places it very precisely so that it looks and feels completely comfortable and natural. Porcelain crowns are long lasting and can give you the smile of your dreams once and for all. 


Sometimes injury or disease results in the loss of a tooth. When you are missing a tooth, the gap in your smile can pose several problems. It gives your smile a narrow look. Plus, a gap will often cause your other teeth to move about in your mouth, which can cause extensive problems over time. A porcelain bridge utilizes the teeth on either side of the gap as the support needed to position a porcelain restoration in the place of your missing tooth. Dr. Jaeger will first prepare the neighboring teeth for crowns. Then, suspended between the crowns, Dr. Jaeger will place a complete, prosthetic tooth. The results look and feel completely lifelike and comfortable.


An inlay or an onlay is used when you have healthy tooth structure left, but don’t want or need a full crown. A precision milled porcelain inlay or onlay is affixed to the rest of your natural tooth to provide an undetectable restoration that is the perfect size and shape to restore form and function.

Dental Implants

A dental implant refers to a surgical grade titanium post that is inserted into your jawbone to provide a synthetic root structure for a permanent, lifelike porcelain tooth. You can replace a single tooth, or you may elect a complete mouth restoration using a series of implants. Learn More About Dental Implants

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are a more natural option for those that require dentures. Instead of removing these teeth like traditional dentures, you will care for these teeth in much the same way as you would natural teeth. Implant supported dentures are anchored, requiring no dental adhesives. You can eat all of the foods you love and can speak fluidly without having to worry about your dentures becoming loose. They also look great!


A lifelike smile and a perfect fit – those are two of the primary goals that Dr. Jaeger will achieve if you need dentures to restore your smile. A proper fitting set of dentures is important and will allow you to retain much of your function, which is important for maintaining natural muscle tone in your face and jaw. Dentures will keep you looking and feeling healthy, and will help you retain a natural lifestyle.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used when several teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures are important because a large gap in your smile forces you to compensate by chewing on the other side of your mouth. This action may cause shifting in the rest of your teeth and create future problems in your teeth alignment and function. Partial dentures by Dr. Jaeger are designed to mimic natural gum tissue and tooth function while providing you with a natural looking smile.


You temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, if functioning incorrectly can cause headaches, and muscle aches in the face and neck. For some patients, the pain is excruciating. TMJ treatments are designed to restore proper function to your TMJ, helping the muscles work correctly and providing you with ongoing relief.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes damage to a tooth makes extraction the most appropriate treatment for getting you back to optimal health. We can perform the procedure right here at Hilldale Dental, rather than having to refer you to another provider, and we can discuss further treatment options for completing your smile.

Metal Free Restorations

Hilldale Dental specializes in all-porcelain and other metal free restorations. This way, your smile looks and feels more natural. Also, you can avoid certain metal alloys, such as those that contain mercury, which is a better option for your health and for the environment.