I’m Afraid of the Dentist! How can I Ease my Fears?

I'm afraid of the dentist!Does the thought of hearing loud dental tools, or eyes staring at you over our masks, send you into a cold sweat of fear?

At Hilldale Dental, we consider your comfort an important part of our service to you. And we also understand – if you are afraid of the dentist — you are not alone.

Just a simple search on the web suggests many people put off getting the dental care they need on a regular basis. Scientists with the University of Washington Dental Fears Research Clinic – a real place – estimate up to 8% of people avoid their dental check-ups as long as possible because of their fear, while another 20% visit their dentist only if it is absolutely necessary.

If you fall into either of these categories, or even somewhere in the middle, here are some simple, soothing methods we suggest asking your dentist about to help ease your fears:

  • Your dentist should explain your procedure; from a simple cleaning to something much more complex, along with how it will feel, and how long it may take.
  • Your dentist should talk with you throughout your visit, and ask if it is ok to continue with your procedure.
  • Your dentist should also give you the chance to share if you feel uncomfortable, and be willing to stop the procedure if you are anxious about it.
  • Your dentist should make time for breaks during the procedure.

Be honest about your fears from the first call, and know, you can always call Hilldale Dental. Our team is led by Dr. Fred J. Jaeger, and known to our community of patients as Dr. Fred. Our goal is to focus on you as an individual — to meet your unique smile goals. By knowing a trip to the dentist often has a high fear factor for people, we work hard to make our practice a place where everyone in your family feels welcome, comfortable, and well cared for here.